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Water damage from mechanical failures or other water-related incidents, including frozen pipes, can cause major damage and disrupt services for days, weeks, even months.

You can prevent costly water damage at your ministry — for FREE

Church Mutual’s Sensor Program connects your facility to a 24/7 monitoring system. Any time dangerous conditions threaten your building, you get an alert. Best of all, as a valued customer, your participation in the program is FREE of charge for three full years.

You can install your sensors with simple hand tools — it’s quick and EASY

Once you receive your sensor kit, it takes just a little time and some basic tools to protect your house of worship from a pipe freeze or water intrusion. No experience is necessary. Anyone who can use a screwdriver can do the installation.

It Pays to Participate

  • Every year, more than 3,500 Church Mutual customers experience damage from water-related incidents, including frozen pipes
  • Registered customers are receiving the protection of this new, innovative technology. Together we have prevented an estimated $1.2 million in property damage related expenses and costs.
  • Prevent days lost in cleanup, administrative headaches, rescheduling and putting your ministry on hold
  • Participate now and Church Mutual will provide FREE coverage for three years from your date of activation

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