Exclusive Webinar Series:

Protecting the Greater Good From Violence

How To Spot The Warnings
2/7/17 - 1:00 PM CT
Handling an Intruder
2/14/17 - 1:00 PM CT
Communicating During a Crisis
2/21/17 - 1:00 PM CT

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What You’ll Learn

This informative webinar series will show you how to keep your congregation safe before, during and after a violent attack.

Why It’s important

When a violent attack happens, you’ll feel fear and anxiety. You can run, hide or fight. This training will show you how to keep your composure and stick to your safety plan.

Who is Speaking

The discussion will be led by security training experts from Firestorm and ALICE Training Institute:

Suzy Loughlin
Chief Administrative Officer


Albert Bahn
National Training Specialist

ALICE Training Institute

Jim Satterfield
Chief Operating Officer/President


Firestorm is the nationally recognized leader in crisis management, helping clients minimize disaster exposure and plan for crisis.

“Our drive to make a difference and continue to lead the evolution in armed intruder response tactics is at the core of what makes our solutions so effective.”

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